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Ultra Hair Solutions: Halifax Hair-Restoration Specialists

At Ultra Hair Solutions, we provide quality hair-restoration results to our female and male clients of all ages in a friendly and professional environment. Our goal is to be a committed, innovative team providing quality service which meets and exceeds expectations. From initial consultation and recommendations to necessary adjustments and education, our focus is to serve you completely.

“As a young woman, being diagnosed with alopecia was traumatic and seemed as though there was no solution – until I met Devera Graves. Her professionalism and kindness won me over. I never thought I would get back to the way I used to look, but I have – and the compliments are unbelievable! Thanks, Devera, for giving me back my life! Forever grateful."

~ Monica

Grand Opening: Ultra Hair Solutions Wellness Center

We’re pleased to announce the Grand Opening of our Holistic Wellness Center! The successful road to nurturing and cleansing your body begins with learning how to take control of your life with our Certified Holistic Health Care Practitioner, Ina Ford.

Your body will undergo an amazing cleanse of years’ worth of stored toxins. You will be rejuvenated with a new refreshing energy as your body is detoxified and able to function at its full capacity once again.

Dealing with Hair Loss

Hair loss can result in emotional distress for anyone suffering it, and hair loss can result from stress itself. Our team at Ultra Hair Solutions is here to help you understand your hair, answer your questions, offer advice on ways to prevent hair loss and provide hair-enhancement solutions tailored to your particular hair-loss condition, using a variety of ways to add hair to your scalp. From the woman with a minimum amount of hair loss in her hairline to the woman whose entire scalp is thinning, our enhancement programs will help you regain your hair.

Our hair enhancement is integrated to your scalp, becoming a part of you – indivisible from your own growing hair. Run your hand through your hair and you will not feel where the system ends and your hair begins. The transition from your growing hair to your new hair is utterly transparent. Whether you are augmenting a particular area by 20% to 80%, it is impossible to distinguish your natural hair from your new hair.

So contact us today to schedule your consultation appointment, or get started with our virtual consultation for men and women.